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Re:thanks to Gary Francis

---------- Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> writes:
>A couple of people on this list have stated that WCAP isn't really a >force in their community, and while that may or may not be true, I >have the feeling that even a small local station can make a big >difference.  I have seen numerous examples of local stations affecting >elections or motivating the public to change something in the >community.  WCAP may not have the impact of, let's say, WBZ, but it's >still nice to know there is some live and local radio operating in >places other than major markets.

I didn't say it wasn't good that WCAP still does live and local shows, I think that is very good, however most people now living in Lowell don't listen to WCAP and many (during my last stint there I ran into this a lot) don't even know it exists.   Lots of potential but as of now not a player in the community.  Potentially they could rule since the local newspaper, including the circulation of the suburbs, only publishes 50K copies a day but so far the paper runs the city and the radio gets the crumbs ;-(

Actually talking about WBZ I don't know that I would put them into "the provides local news to its COL" category of a previous post (who posted it escapes me right now, sorry).  WBZ rarely covers Boston City Hall.  I can't remember the last time a BZ reporter covered a Boston City Council meeting.  BZ like most Boston stations are more regionally oriented than locally oriented.  Ditto WRKO.  Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.