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Fwd: RE: Boston.Radio.EDU organization invites you to join!

Folks, I forgot to CC the B.R.I.G. on this message.  Anyone who's NOT 
affiliated with a non-comm station can ignore this if they want, although 
given the wealth of knowledge of the list I welcome anyone on it to join 
the new one I've created...even if you're not affiliated with a non-comm.

- Aaron
Aaron "Bishop" Read     aread@speakeasy.net
FriedBagels Technical Consulting / Boston, MA
www.friedbagels.com   AOL-IM: ReadAaron

>Hello everyone, some of you already know me in one capacity or another,
>those of you who don't I'm a local radio maven who specializes in
>college/high school/non-commercial radio.  I volunteer at
>Free Radio and WBRS, and I work for WZBC through Broadcast Signal Lab,
>LLP.  If you want the entire story of me feel free to visit my site:
>I'm writing you to invite you to join a new venture I'm starting up: the
>"Radio.EDU" project.  Specifically, the Boston chapter
>(Boston.Radio.EDU).  The ultimate goal of the Radio.EDU project is to
>create a series of local "networks" of stations that share information
>knowledge with other local stations.   For the Boston chapter, that area
>includes all of Eastern Mass, Worcester Country, Cape Cod, southern New
>Hampshire, Rhode Island (although perhaps we'll have enough there to
>a Providence.Radio.EDU)
>The first step towards that is now in place: the listserv.  You can sign
>up at:
>http://www.friedbagels.com/radioedu.html  or jump directly to:
>This listserv aims to allow us all to get to know each other.  I've
>at some level with a lot of stations around here and one thing I'm
>struck by is how people at one station don't realize that lots of other
>stations face the same issues they do.  A listserv like this will
>allow the innovative solutions I see every day be shared.   Plus it's
>always very educational to see "how the other guys do it"...you never
>when someone will have the perfect solution to your major problem, and
>versa!   I belong to several of these and I cannot overstate how useful
>they have been in my professional radio life!
>By no means is membership to the listserv restricted to just the folks
>receiving this message...please share it with your entire executive
>if you want - the more people who join the bigger the knowledge pool!
>and all radio-related topics (management, music, programming,
>engineering, production, etc etc etc) are welcome and encouraged.
>Pretty soon I hope to have a dedicated web server to the Radio.EDU
>and obtain the radio.edu domain (if anyone at an accredited educational
>institution is willing to apply for the domain for me - I'll gladly pay
>it, I just can't register it directly as I don't work for a
>school).   Hopefully we'll soon be able to post some info & material
>station Constitutions, equipment lists, etc) to help newcomers along and
>give new ideas to the old hands on the stick.
>The next step in the process will be to organize a series of "site
>where a bunch of us can all go to another station in the area to see in
>person how it's done and what goes on behind the mic.
>Eventually I'd like to expand it to the point where audio clips
>special events, conferences, etc) can be posted for the "network" to
>if they want.   And finally perhaps we can organize a local conference
>(like a mini-CMJ) here in Boston for us all.
>In the meantime though - I invite y'all to join up at
>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bostonradioedu today!
>Aaron "Bishop" Read     aread@speakeasy.net
>FriedBagels Technical Consulting / Boston, MA
>www.friedbagels.com   AOL-IM: ReadAaron