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Re: Shawmut Diner Show

As far as I know, the show is NOT on WBIX, which signs on at 6:00 at this time 
of year and at sunrise when sunrise is earlier than 6:00. Programming begins 
with a Bloomberg feed of WBBR, New York--not with the Diner Show. Also, 650 is 
eFax 707-215-6367
> In MA, the program is heard mornings on the Langer Radio Network stations
> (WBIX, WJTL, WEIM, WSRO, et al)  and on 250+ markets nationally via CRN
> Cable Radio Network.  www.cableradionetwork.com   Paul Paleologos web site
> in New Bedford  www.dinershow.com  ..."...over easy, want hash browns with
> that?"