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Re: WCAP Happenings

At 04:00 PM 10/4/2002, Roger Kirk wrote:
>"Sean Smyth" wrote:
> >When Radio Free Allston went on the air, it
> >broadcast from a window-front at Herrell's Ice
> >Cream shop and cafe in Allston.
>Herrell's encourages this kind of activity.  It's good publicity and it's 
>The Invisible Beatniks (my son's the Bass Player) played live there a few 
>weeks ago.  Encourages people to stay and enjoy.  Nothing like a good 
>memory/experience to re-inforce product loyalty.
>Roger Kirk

It's also part of the reason why O'Brien's Pub likes have ABfree Benefit 
shows in there as often as we have them.   ABfree draws a MUCH different 
crowd than the usual O'Brien's fare and we tend to drive up the alcohol 
sales on our nights, too.

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