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>From: A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
>Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 01:51:33 -0400
>To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org, raccoonradio@yahoo.com, 
>elipolo@earthlink.net, kaimbridge@programmer.net, radiojunkie3@yahoo.com
>Subject: RE: WLYN Now // WUMB!
>On 2 Oct 2002 at 1:43, elipolo@earthlink.net wrote:
>> The operations manager of WUMB told me this evening that he knew nothing
>> about the WLYN simulcasting. It was the first he had heard about it. 
>> Someone at WLYN must've just decided to throw them on. 
>Isn't there some rule that you need a station's permission to rebroadcast 
>their signal?

It appears that communication among management may not be a strong point 

The statement below was announced by the WUMB General Manager yesterday, 
the arrangement to temporarily simulcast WUMB on WLYN was suggested by 
the Chief Engineer, who happens to work for both stations, and was 
agreed to by the WUMB GM, who was happy to get the extra coverage. 

Apparently, the Operations Manager I communicated with a couple of days 
ago was still out of the loop on this agreement at the time.

Eli Polonsky



>Our newest WUMB broadcast repeater station is WLYN 1360 AM in Lynn. We 
>started broadcasting on the station last night. However, this is ONLY 
>A TEMPORARY SITUATION, which will only be lasting a few weeks. 
>WLYN is in the process of being sold, so they needed to have some 
>programming placed on the station temporarily so new prospective owners 
>can hear what the signal sounds like. 

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