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Re: WLYN Now // WUMB!

--- "Peter Q. George" <radiojunkie3@yahoo.com> wrote:
>      I would NOT recommend it! Keep your station
> local
> and sovereign.  'UMB gets enough listeners as it is
> right now.  

Yeah, it was just a thought...I was just wondering if
WUMB would ever come to us with the idea of us
simulcasting them when we were off air! But you're
right, we should keep it local.

As for WMWM, simply take a computer with
> WINAMP and automate the station during overnights
> and
> if "someone doesn't make it in". 

Maybe if we got the money. Right now I believe we
have a Mac in the production studio (that studio is
temporarily down, as the board's fried) and there's
a PC in the general manager's office but I don't
know if we have the money to get another one and do

I believe WRPS (Rockland Public Schools) has that
type of automation. They usually don't make it up
to the North Shore but one night (3 or 4 am) I did
pick them up here in Beverly and that's what it
sounded like.

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