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Some observations on this first day of October:

(1) Someone at radio-info has observed that WLYN-AM 1360 has been off-the-air
a lot lately.  Today, it's been simulcasting WUMB-FM 91.9.  For how much longer,
stay tuned.

(2) WPAA-FM 91.7 at Phillips Andover Academy is finally broadcasting something other
than dead air;  foreign-language pop recordings right now.

(3)  WCEC-AM 1110 has picked up where WNNW left off.  They still think it's
August.  Even today, it signed on at 5:45 am.  There isn't even a station ID;
the station just appears, often in mid-sentence or mid-recording.

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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