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Re: Ernie Harwell Retires

--- Sean Smyth <ssmyth@suscom.net> wrote:
> Hakim writes:

> > Harwell had already announced before the start of
> the season that he
> > planned to
> > retire from the broadcast both at the season's
> end.

A few years ago, a Tigers executive ordered that
some younger folks replace Harwell. Naturally there
was a big outcry, and Harwell got his job back.

Harwell appears briefly in the movie "Cobb" and has
also recorded some baseball related records: he
co-wrote "Move Over Babe (Here Comes Henry)" in 1973,
as Hank Aaron got closer to Babe Ruth's career HR
record. He recorded a spoken word piece, "Baseball--
A Game for All America" and has written over 200

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