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Re:Re: Gubernatorial lawsuit

--- tklaundry@juno.com wrote:
> It goes on, but I thought those were the most
> interesting points of her accusation that she is not
> getting fair coverage etc, not that I think the FCC
> is going to do anything about this. 

What percentage of the vote did Howell get when she
ran against Kennedy?  Don't news outlets have the
right to make the editorial judgment that
Liberatarians don't stand any kind of chance of
getting elected?  How are they any different than Gus
Hall running year after year on the Communist ticket?

By the way: the percentage of the vote in past
election standard doesn't work with Indepedent
(non-party) candidates.   Let the media decide: if
they get enough complaints, they'll change their

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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