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RE: Return of Marketplace

> Yes, from previous posts it appears it will be run at the
> same time GBH runs it,  and the 6 to 7pm ATC is a
> rebroadcast of the 4 to 5pm hour anyway
> df

Most don't realize that the 6-7 hour is a re-feed of hour one.  VPR runs
Marketplace 6:30 to 7.  (When is the live feed?)  I like their choices of
music when reporting market direction ("We're In the Money" is alway
welcome <g>)

Marketplace Morning Report is a ten (more or less) minute segment that VPR
runs at 6:50 a.m.  Offers exTREMEly good content and just in time for the
usual morning routine of getting the kids' lunches ready for the day, etc.
Is that segment aired in Boston?  I don't recall hearing it in the a.m.

Bill O'Neill