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Re: Return of Marketplace

From:           	"R Palino" <rpalino@mailandnews.com>
To:             	"Dave Faneuf" <Dfaneuf@WBUR.BU.EDU>,
	"Larry Weil" <kc1ih@mac.com>
Subject:        	Re: Return of Marketplace
Date sent:      	Sat, 1 Jun 2002 14:28:18 -0400

> So...
> (1.) it's going to be on at the same time on WGBH?
> And....(2) ATC will not be able to be heard anywhere from 6:30-7PM?
> Do I understand this right?
> Does this make any programming sense at all?
> RP

Sorry to send this again, I forgot to copy it to the list

Yes, from previous posts it appears it will be run at the 
same time GBH runs it,  and the 6 to 7pm ATC is a 
rebroadcast of the 4 to 5pm hour anyway