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WEEI-AM 850 Very Distorted

I was doing a check of WILD-AM to see if they were signing on with 1kw
and then waiting till 2-hours later to power up (they did).  Then I
decided to survey a few other frequencies to see if anything unusual
was happening (WDIS-AM 1170 was very late in signing on; something,
possibly Canadian was thrashing WHJJ-AM 920, but the WGIR clone on 930 was fine)
and then I happened to listen to WEEI-AM 850 for the sour grapes about
the Kelts.  Wow, the signal was ok as far as strength was concerned, but 
the audio was badly distorted!  I checked other radios, and it was 
true of all of them.  It's a measure of how little the general public cares
about such matters that no callers commented on ut.

Laurence Glavin

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