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Re: Ghost of Chris Lydon! :-)

Won the _battle_? Wouldn't you say more like "won the 
_war_"? From all outward appearances, not only did Jane 
say "no thanks" to Lydon's (and his producer's) plan to 
partner with WBUR, she also succeeded in blackballing 
Lydon et al so that they are unemployable in US public 

If that isn't the case, why is it that the only gig 
Lydon appears to have been able to land since his 
departure from WBUR and NPR was a couple-of-week-long 
fill-in at WTKK?

I guess I am starting to like Dick Gordon more than I 
did at first, but he isn't Lydon. I wonder whether, if 
Lydon's producer (and would-be business partner--I can 
never remember her name) were still producing The 
Connection, even more of the program's old edge would 

Upton Bell is sure no Chris Lydon, but I must say that 
Bell's show on WBIX seems to me to be the closest thing 
to the old Connection on Boston commercial radio.

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> Whatever happened to Chris Lydon anyway?  I'd say Jane Cristo won that battle 
> handily.