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RE: X calls

[Gradually working my way through the e-mail backlog in between rest
and WC breaks.... I'll still be out of work for at least a week, it
feels like.  At least I can read and type, even if my chair is
incredibly uncomfortable!]

<<On Mon, 20 May 2002 17:07:35 -0400, "Paul Hopfgarten" <paul@03038.com> said:

> and "V" is Newfoundland and Labrador, grandfathered pre 1949???

V- is the British Empire.  Most former colonies and dominions, as well
as current dependencies, have one or more Vx- blocks.  (Canada uses VE-
and VF- regularly, plus grandfathered VO- in Newfoundland.  Australia
has VL-; other blocks are assigned to the various Caribbean islands.)