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RE: Re: Adjustment to WBPS-AM 890's Daytime Signal (fwd)

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Subject: RE: Re: Adjustment to WBPS-AM 890's Daytime Signal
Date:    Mon, 20 May 2002 17:58:51 +0000

Could be. C-Net's stewardship of WBPS has been what I'd 
call lackadaisical. It took from the beginning of 
December to the beginning of May before any commercials 
directed at a New England audience appeared--and there 
are still very few of those. There has been zero 
promotion. And whereas there was a plan to have local 
traffic and weather on WBPS, it never got off the 
ground. Even if there were problems, as claimed, with 
getting Metro Networks to staff for an additional client 
station, I would think that getting the weather as a 
tradeout would not have been a problem. Metro/Shadow may 
be the only game in town for traffic, but I don't think 
that's the case with weather.

Anyhow, I enjoy the C-Net programming, especially David 
Lawrence's late-evening show (but also his AM-drive 
show) and I will miss it. What next? Will Mega now LMA 
890 to Radio One to give Radio One a signal that can be 
heard throughout the market (kinda) 24 hours a day?
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> Looks like any future upgrade may come too late for the CNET Radio
> format according to this news item on All Access (5/20):
> "Could the plug soon get pulled at CNET RADIO? ALL ACCESS hears from
> reliable sources that the end of JUNE may be the end of the Tech Radio
> Network, aired on KNEW-A/SAN FRANCISCO and WBPS-A/BOSTON as well as
> through broadband."
> Keith Fornal
> Treasurer
> Dutch Island Lighthouse Society
> www.dutchislandlighthouse.org
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> Subject: Fwd: Re: Adjustment to WBPS-AM 890's Daytime Signal
> As of just a few minutes ago, WBPS's signal was back to the apparent
> signal strength it's been for many months.  So what you describe may 
> have been the case yesterday or they're in the testing stage of a future
> upgrade.
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> DATE: Sun, 19 May 2002 23:42:21
> From: "Dan Strassberg" <dan.strassberg@att.net>
> To: <lglavin@lycos.com>
> I caught the WBPS pattern change today but I didn't notice any change in
> signal strength. If, indeed, this is the build-out of WBPS's new day
> pattern, then WMVU may suffer. But if it's something else, like step one
> in
> building the WBIX night facilities, you might actually have heard WBPS
> trying out a temporary ND day setup. If that's what it was, the
> increased
> interference to WMVU should be only tempoerary--ending in late summer or
> early fall. 
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