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Re: Some WBUR history

--- Daniel Murphy <danmurph@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> The following is from Boston University's weekly
> newsletter

Speaking of "east of the Mississippi" (and yes,
there's at least one exception: WACO in Waco, TX):
Barry Scott played Harry Chapin's "W.O.L.D" on
"Lost 45s" last week, and I spotted a blooper in the
song. I'm surprised I never noticed it before:

"So I drifted on down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to do me a
late night talk show
Now I've worked my way back home again, here to
Boise, Idaho
That's how this business goes

"I am the morning DJ at WOLD
Playing all the hits for you, wherever you may be..."

OK, Harry's portraying a DJ who roams from town to
town, job to job, and now he's back home in Boise,
Idaho. While he's there he looks up his ex-wife
hoping to woo her again, but he winds up disappointed.
("OK honey I see, I guess he's better than me...")

The blooper? If he's in Boise, Idaho, why are the
call letters _W_ OLD? 

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