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WNSH (was Question about legal ID's)

The Danvers WNSH transmitter site was at the end of
Clinton Avenue. The burnt structure still exist with
one remaining tower. The road is located just past the
movie theater access entrance just off of Endicott
Street(exit 24/route 128).

Take care,
Roy Lawrence 

To which I respond:
Boy, you're making me feel old!  I used to have a
five-minute rock & 
news show every Saturday afternoon on the old WMLO
back ca. 1967-68.  
then their studios used to be right next to their
transmitter, in a 
little thing that probably was a converted trailer
just off Endicott 
in Danvers, up by where the K-Mart is now.  On my
latest trips over to 
area, I can't tell if it's the same road that you take
to get to the 
Sack Cinemas (they're now Hollywood Cinemas or
something); too many 
have gone by since then.

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