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Distance between studios & transmitters (was Legal ID's & COL)

WXNI might be the winner - transmitter is in Westerly, RI on the Pawkatuck 
River (state line between Rhode Island & Connecticut) not far from the 
ocean.  Studios are in WBUR's on the Boston University campus.  Driving 
distance is 94 miles...air miles is probably over 80 at least.  However, 
the entire WRNI/WXNI setup is being moved to the new studios at One Union 
Station in Providence within a few months.  Maybe sooner.

The frame-relay circuit they've got not only feeding the transmitter but 
providing the audio return for monitoring is costing them plenty bucks 
every month.

How far is WFNX's 92.1 transmitter in Portland, ME from their studios in 
Lynn?  Mapquest says driving between Lynn & Portland is 98 miles.

- Aaron

At 01:58 PM 1/15/2002 -0800, Adam Rivers wrote:
>  Studios are 67.1 miles away
>   Paul Hopfgarten  wrote: What station in the USA has
>studios the furthest airmailes from COL? Whatstation
>in New England has studios furthest from COL (WHOM,
>perhaps w/studios in Portland ME and TX 60-70(?) air
>miles away on top of MtWashington?

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