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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 14:13:47 -0500 "Joseph Pappalardo"
<joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com> writes:
> From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>
> > I often wondered why RKO-General used the WRKO calls in Boston and 
> not in
> > some larger market such as the major networks did  WABC/KABC, 
> > WNBC etc....
> I think "WOR" and "KHJ" were very  valuable calls....too valuable to 
> change.
> JP

I understand that you wouldn't want to mess with those calls, but that
still leaves Chicago and San Fran that I would think would be better
candidates than Boston IMO