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Re: Ch. 7's Armstrong sues over firing

Oh good.

While we're at it, why don't we " blow out" everyone who doesn't please us

On the radio front, why don't we start with Steve Leveille on WBZ
He sounds like Johnny Carson's character " Snerdley".

Or do we make exception for those who have an obnoxious regional accent?

Can anyone out there think of someone they would like to see get thrown OFF
the air?

Mike Thomas wrote:

> Gee, I guess it couldn't have been the fact Channel 7 blew him out
> because.....he sucked?  He should be happy that the station put up with
> his stuttering Elmer Fudd voice and goofy outfits as long as they did.
> Garry was able to earn a paycheck while being far inferior to his
> co-workers for quite a while.  He should be thankful they didn't blow
> him out earlier.  Handicap or not, Garry couldn't handle one of the main
> parts of the job, actually speaking clearly in complete sentences.  He
> can't claim ADA if he is unable to handle the primary aspects of his job
> description.  Sorry, if I was the judge, I'd throw this case out faster
> than you can say "S-S-S-S-S-S Seven News."
> Mike Thomas
> Bob Nelson wrote:
> > An "entertainment brief" in today's Herald says that
> > Gary Armstrong is suing Ch. 7 over his firing,
> > charging that age, race, and handicap were the real
> > reasons. To see the article go to
> > http://www.bostonherald.com and click "Entertainment",
> > then "TV and Radio".
> >
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