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Re: Ch. 7's Armstrong sues over firing

Gee, I guess it couldn't have been the fact Channel 7 blew him out
because.....he sucked?  He should be happy that the station put up with
his stuttering Elmer Fudd voice and goofy outfits as long as they did.
Garry was able to earn a paycheck while being far inferior to his
co-workers for quite a while.  He should be thankful they didn't blow
him out earlier.  Handicap or not, Garry couldn't handle one of the main
parts of the job, actually speaking clearly in complete sentences.  He
can't claim ADA if he is unable to handle the primary aspects of his job
description.  Sorry, if I was the judge, I'd throw this case out faster
than you can say "S-S-S-S-S-S Seven News."

Mike Thomas

Bob Nelson wrote:

> An "entertainment brief" in today's Herald says that
> Gary Armstrong is suing Ch. 7 over his firing,
> charging that age, race, and handicap were the real
> reasons. To see the article go to
> http://www.bostonherald.com and click "Entertainment",
> then "TV and Radio".
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