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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Brian Anastasi wrote:
> 98.5 was for a brief time WRKO-FM and was automated.  In fact, there 
> was a
> robot voice that said "This is ARKO, your automated robot...."  It 
> was the
> same time that 106.7 was WBZ-FM and also had an automated voice that 
> would
> say "have another hit from the radio station," an obvious reference 
> to the
> drug usage of the time.
> >

I recall that the WBZ-FM automation was not the greatest and that they
used to simulcast the top of the hour news from WBZ-AM,  I think the news
would come on exactly at the top of the hour no matter what was on the
air on BZ-FM and the lead in liner was something like "When the music
stops, that's news"