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Re: Talk Radio

Dan Billings writes:
> > Augie was only on a few weeks, but I still have to
> > chuckle over that one. One of our DJs wouldn't be
> > on because his mommy said no. :)
> That reminds me of the great sign off used by Willie Mitchell years ago on
> WIGY: "OK, Mom.  You can come and get me."
> Of course, when I started in radio, I couldn't drive and my parents had to
> pick me up.

At one metropolitan Boston paper, the Red Sox' beat writer (much older than
Dan or I) is often driven to and from the ballpark by his mother. I
understand a medical condition preventing the writer from driving causes
(very legitimate) is the reason for such, however.

Personally, I always took public transit. I used to frequently commute
to/from the North Shore on the express bus running out of Haymarket. Such
was life having parents who did not/could not drive.