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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

on 1/5/02 9:36 PM, SteveOrdinetz at steveord@wavewizard.com wrote:

> Eli Polonsky wrote:

>> I recall oldies formats first hitting the commercial air in the early 70's
>> with the "American Graffiti/Happy Days" 50's nostalgia era, the first in
>> Boston being the original 98.5 WROR circa 1973 with a great DJ lineup.
> Are you sure about the time frame?  I don't remember live jocks on 98.5
> until the late 70s.

Perhaps it was a couple of years later into it, but I seem to remember DJ's
such as Quentin Migliore A.K.A. Jim Grant (later of WCGY and 1150 WMEX among
others), Ron Edwards (or Ron Nelson), currently on WATD Marshfield and WCIB
Falmouth as his real name Ron Dwyer, and Little Walter doing his Time
Machine on one of the weekend nights after he left WBCN.