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Re: WODS Drake TOH ID gone

Lou wrote:

> The changes they have made at WODS are definitely for the better.  I
> the modified playlist, though they could probably open it up a bit
Better for whom?  Older listeners or WODS' ratings.

> I really like the way the airstaff sounds, the way they are talking-up
> maybe adding a bit more personality.  (I truly believe that they had
one of
> the lamest-sounding airstaffs that I had ever heard, likely due to
what they
> were told to say or not say.)
It has been apparent over the past few years that various attempts were
to control the personalities of the airstaff, but all in all, their
personalities seem
to shine through - no matter what.  Back when Jim Sands was doing some
daytime fill-in, an edict was handed down that trivia had to be used in
talk-ups of songs.  It sounded so bad, so contrived and so hokey.
about a 3 days.  Patrick Callahan injects some trivia (even when he
isn't doing the

I must admit that I'm not crazy about their
> new jingles and IDs, but I suppose it's a matter of getting used to
> -Lou