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RE: listener survey - or Confessions from Ron

Oh, boy; I'd have to be honest - I once voted for myself during a telephone
radio survey. "Oh that Rocky W. Shores on WYHI 1570 - I listen to him ALL
THE TIME". I wasn't lying - I'm obviously listening to my self doing the
show. They didn't ask if I worked for a station and the ramifications never
popped into my mind. It was my only hope for making it into a book in the
Jacksonville ADI. Did the President vote for himself in the election? We're
small potatoes radio at best.... 

Sometimes too honest..
Ron Gitschier

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> Subject:	listener survey
>     additionally, i am supposed to avoid all direct 
> contact with a known participant so as to avoid even the 
> perception of impropriety.
>      but am i supposed to also acknowledge the fact that 
> a survey participant has made him/her self known to a 
> group of broadcasters?  even though in this case it's 
> just a very well-spoken individual who is, more than 
> likely like the rest of us, very curious to see how 
> his/her listening habits might effect a final survey 
> period's outcome.
> - -Chuck Igo