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I wonder whether the FCC has granted New York Public 
Radio station WNYC (AM) special temporary authority to 
operate at night with its day power of 10 kW as a result 
of the destruction of the WNYC-FM site in the World 
Trade Center collapse. For at least the last week, and 
probably longer, WNYC has been coming in at night here 
about as well as WABC and WCBS. It's hard to imagine 
that happening if WNYC were using its licensed night 
power of 1 kW. WNYC is directional to the east day and 
night and transmits from the WMCA site in S Kearney NJ. 
WNYC's original CP for 820 specified a night power of 5 
kW, but the power had to be reduced to 1 kW to protect 
CHAM in Hamilton ON, because re-radiation from a Pulaski 
Skyway bridge near the WMCA/WNYC site badly distorts 
WNYC's directional patterns.

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