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Re: Lost 45's on Oldies 103.3

Mark asked:
>>Wonder how many calls 'ROR got from people wondering 
why Barry was suddenly missing (i.e., those who hadn't 
heard of the switch via the papers or the Web).<<

just chatted with the boys in the studio.  from what 
they heard, there were a few calls, but for the most 
part, all of The Lost 45's fans had gotten the message.  
i took a few calls from a couple of listeners over the 
course of the weekend who "noticed" were weren't 
mentioning Barry or his show.  these, of course, are the 
ringers; those who know full-well what the scoop is but 
want to see if we're uncomfortable talking about it.  
well, even the in-studio note from the WROR pd was kind 
and congratulatory towards Barry, wishing him well.

- -Chuck Igo