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Re: Oldies programming

Ron Bello wrote:

> Another option for older oldies on weekends is Ron Dyer's show on
> WCIB 101.9 if you live south of Boston.  WCIB is in Falmouth but
> is listenable up to Randolph and Providence to the west.
> He includes 50s, 60s and 70s on his program from 10pm to 1am
> on both Saturday and Sundays.  The show is live and plays requests.

Ron Dwyer is also on WATD 95.9 in Marshfield on Saturday afternoons 2 - 6 PM. I
believe he used to be on the original WROR and other area stations as Ron
Edwards. I enjoy his show, a nice mix of now-uncommon "lost" pop songs, some
that were major hits in their day. On Saturday early evenings I'm sure he can
often be found in traffic on the Sagamore bridge.

Eli Polonsky