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Re: "The Lost 45s with Barry Scott" moves to Oldies 103.3!

 Eli Polonsky wrote:
>Yes, but they're playing 50's and early 60's MOR pop music and the
lighter, softer side of rock from the era. We were talking about creating a
pre-British Invasion format Oldies station, playing uptempo rock'n'roll and
R&B with an upbeat Oldies style delivery (jingles, etc...). Adult Standards
stations aren't rocking and rolling!

I was going to make that point myself...I can't imagine hearing Chuck Berry
or anything but a soppy ballad by Elvis on a standards format.

>WMEX was still the only oldies station in town at the time, this was
BEFORE WODS came on the air. The oldies fans found the bird so boring that
they may have been listening to locally programmed AC stations, news/talk
stations, classic rock, who knows what.

Much of that had to do with the service they used (Oldies Channel?), which
had to be the most insipid excuse for an oldies format that ever existed.
The same playlist done live locally would have produced equally dismal

>With WODS now dropping 50's and moving into 70's soft-rock and mainstream
disco hits, I'd be curious what kind of a showing a local 50's/early 60's
oldies rocker would do in Boston now. We'll probably never know, but
Steve's original post starting this thread was speculating that perhaps the
time may be coming for such stations, and not everyone has XM yet or can
listen to webcasts everywhere.

Or feels the need for it.  I must be one of the remaining 17 people in New
England who still doesn't have cable.  Would be nice for high-speed
internet, but it's frankly not worth the going rate.  IMHO ditto for XM.
As far as no one ever doing it...you never know.  It couldn't pull worse
numbers than what any number of full-power stations in the market do now
(you know the ones), or maybe a rimshot will break the ice.  WFNX hasn't
exactly been getting gangbuster ratings lately.  Maybe someone will get
good results in a smaller market & get the attention of the big boys.  The
all-new, ever-newer pseudo-WMEX seems to be very pre-British Invasion
heavy.  If they only made the presentation a little less boring, who knows?