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RE: WCSH continues domination of Portland TV news

Chris wrote:
>>These stories are really beginning to get on my nerves.  Where are the
numbers?  I seem to recall the last sweeps story didn't include them,

  Not only did the Portland Press Herald story not include numbers, which,
as you pointed out is an irritant, to say the least, but i was struck more
by the total spin mode taken by the managers who offered comment.  one would
expect a well-crafted statement from the two UHF stations (WPXT & WPME) as
they're going through a period of "newness" owing to affiliation changes and
new ventures.  (WPXT from Fox to WB and the WPME adding a 7pm news thing)
   but for WMTW to pass off a couple of point drop as a "trend" among ABC
affiliates?  that's just bizzare.  the ship that is that broadcast group has
been foundering, and i feel bad for the professionals who are still with
Channel 8, such as John Doherty and Dick Gosselin, and that they must endure
this.  the WMTW group has the tools; they're just not able to work the
switch that turns the dang things on.  in the cases of their radio and tv
properties, they have very well qualified individuals involved and active,
yet those pros find themselves hogtied by purse strings that are tied
tighter than Mister Potter's.  (that's an "It's A Wonderful Life" reference
there.  first of the season, i think.)

- -Chuck Igo