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Re: boston-radio-interest-digest V4 #528

Lou wrote of the little early automated engine that 
>>The first, and only, place on radio that I had ever 
heard "The Wind" was on WBZ-FM.  Clark Schmidt played it 
occasionally on his late-night "Music Show."   That was 
the early 70's.<<

the old 106.7 playin' The Wind.  actually, Clark and Ken 
(Shelton) served up some great music at the time, 
including one that still haunts me to this day.  i've 
yet to be able to find it or identify it, and even had 
the opportunity to quiz Ken about it one day.  then, 
when they slid over to 94.5, they continued that which 
they did pretty dang well.  and when they both departed, 
it opened a nice door for a very hard working 
broadcaster, Vinny P, to step into the light.
   we used to have 'BZ FM on in our warehouse at Sears 
at the Burlington Mall, those old boxy radio aided by 
some creative long-wire antennae run along the metal 
rafters.  and yes, we used to get 'RKO on the phones 
(and the warehouse intercom), too.

- -Chuck (I Know The Wind) Igo