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RE: "Feep"

> Behalf Of Matt
> Stevens WNBP
> Wasn't "Feep" played by Ed McDonnell who was Major Mudd?

All I remember about Major Mudd Show was his famous sign-off "I'll be
blasting you!" which, for a time, became part of the 'hip' vernacular
as "IBBY".  I wasn't hip enough to latch-on to that.  A hib radio geek
is nitro to glycerine, plaids and stripes, leisure suits to cowboy
boots, disco to Pere Ubu, ...   I also recall that LOW-tech sliding
door that he'd enter to his space-ship studio that was obvioiusly
forced air-driven that was a few balls short of a bearing, akin to a
drunk busting out of a box.

Bill O'Neill, IBBY