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Re: ABC to buy Albany station and flip to radio disney format

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 Cooper Fox  wrote:

> ABC Radio has agreed to buy WGNA-AM (1460
> khz)/Albany,
> NY, from Regent Communications for $2 million. 

They spent **$2 MILLION** on that frequency??  Alone??
 Dang, ABC must be desperate or something.  AM 1460,
to my experiences, doesn't put out a very good signal
at all.  I would be surprised if its signal even makes
it out of Schenectady County, or to Saratoga Springs. 
I know at my parents house in Broadalbin (about 40
road miles or so from Albany proper) and around that
entire general area, AM 1460 is all but completely
inaudible, day and night.  And I also heard rumors a
couple years back now that their xmtr ground system is
in need of some serious maintenance work.  Man, $2
million on AM 1460 Albany just blows my mind...
                            Matt Osborne
                            Hyde Park, NY

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