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On 3 Dec 2001 at 10:35, Brian Anastasi wrote:

> I don't remember that.  But I do *think* I remember seeing some sort of
> miniature Stay-Puff marshmallow type creature named "Feep" host horror
> pictures on the old Channel 7 WNAC-TV on Saturday nights, probably 11:30
> p.m.  Am I dreaming this, or was this real?

I remember that guy.  I called him "Beachball-head."  He had a feedback 
echo voice, in which he used to say something like, "Well, hello there!"  
This was early 60s, as I recall, when I was in high school.

Once, around that time, Isaac Asimov appeared on "Program PM," a talk 
show in WBZ, and when they took the next call, the voice of Feep saying 
"Well, hello there!" came through the phone.  Neither Asimov nor "The 
Other" Bob Kennedy recognized Feep.  Kennedy just said it seemed someone 
had a feedback system rigged up and went to the next call.

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