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Re: News Story

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> At WABI there have actually been complaints from
> listeners when a game is not carried.  Even when

At night when WZON is just running automation their calls are forwarded
over to the WKIT studio. SO I answer WZON's calls along with WKIT's.

During the final round of the World Series, all night I was getting angry
calls from listeners upset that the World Series was not on some games
because there were University of Maine sports. It is REALLY difficult to
try to explain to people that WZON is the flagship station for the
University and that there are other stations that depend on picking up our
feed. I got many angry calls on a couple of my overnight shifts. I can't
imagine what WZON's staff must have dealt with during the day!

They should make it, to be fair to sports listeners, that if an important
game cannot be covered due to contractual obligations, that another
station can pick it up. Why don't they do this? Really, this would be fair
to sports fans. In my opinion....and if the stations are doing these
things for the public (that sentence probably made my point nill) then it
WOULD make sense.