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RE: Who rules Canadian Bdcasting

Joe Ross writes:
> It even gets updated.  A couple of years ago, a modern-day Abbott &
> Costello routine was circulating the Net, in which Abbott
> was trying to
> explain to Costello how to use Windows.
> "How do I turn off the computer?"
> "Press start."
> "But I wanna turn OFF the computer!"
> "Press start."

Slightly off-topic/radio but ...  Got this from family in Australia, a
circulated spoof, we all assume:

>>In a landmark decision, the Australian Commercial Practices Court
yesterday ruled that Toyota is no longer allowed to run its
campaign based on the word "bugger".

Explained Court spokesman Loof Lipra, "Some time ago Microsoft took
an injunction against the use of the word 'bugger' in Toyota's ad. It
was argued that 'bugger' had been associated with Windows far longer
far more deeply than with Toyota's utes."<<

Bill O'Neill