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RE: C-NET programming begins on WBPS 12/1/01 at about 3:15 PM EST

Dan wrote:

>>As of yesterday afternoon at about 3:15, C-NET's all high-tech
talk programming, which has been broadcast for the last couple of years on
KNEW 910 Oakland-San Francisico, replaced Mega's SS Romantica music on the
highly directional 25 kW-D/3.4 kW-N signal of WBPS 890 Dedham. The new TOH
"legal" ID is strictly illegal--WBPS Boston (no mention of the true COL,
>>I guess this is a good time to begin an all-high-tech talk format in a
tech-heavy market such as Boston.<<

do you think that niche programming will be an aid to over-the-air
broadcasters?  your analysis that Boston is a tech-heavy market is on the
money.  it could be a simple case of giving the people what they want
(hahahahaha... sorry, made myself laugh).  as i suggested in another thread,
there are locales where topics of interest for talk-formatted stations are
not always geo-specific for their potential audience.  but then again,
formats which are somewhat "niche" in nature (business radio) haven't made
the earth shake, yet.  "yet" could be the key word, however.  it takes time
and committment to make something work well, as well as a few bucks to
spread that word that the product is available.
  your description made it sound like a shaky start, but then again, nothing
ever truly goes as planned during a start-up.  and who knows whether or not
they've got any "drive time" local hosting planned.  it seems to me that
having a goal such as that in the not-to-distant future might aid them in
generating more interest.

- -Chuck Igo