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Re: News Story

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> however, those
> few don't usually get on with Eddie Andelman, who,
> working side-by-side with a bona fide Main-ah, Dale
> Arnold, has no patience for those of us who reside in
> the cast-off portion of Massachusetts.  Dale, by the
> way, got his extremely big break by becoming the voice
> of the-then Maine Mariners (AHL Hockey).  the Mariners
> franchise flipped from Philadelphia (Flyers) to New
> Jersey (Devils).  and in one unique call-up, they took
> the radio guy instead of a defenseman.

Dale Arnold and I graduated from the same high school, Mt. Ararat School in
Topsham.  Dale was in the school's first graduating class in 1973.  I
followed him out the door about 13 years but never ended up doing
play-by-play in the bigs.  My play-by-play career topped out with high
school sports.

Another Mainer to make it big in sports broadcasting is Gary Thorne.  He's a
Maine Law graduate, as I will be in '03.  Thorne was a lawyer in Bangor
doing some UMaine sports broadcast on the side, when a friend bought a minor
league baseball team and brought it to Maine.  Thorne did radio play-by-play
for the team for a year before moving on to the NY Mets, and later the NJ
Devils and ESPN.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine