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Re: NERW 11/19-11/26

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001 Scott Fybush wrote:

>In NEW YORK, there was one non-Christmas format
>change: WBPM (94.3 Kingston) dropped its rhythmic
>oldies format for 50s and 60s oldies via satellite on
>Thanksgiving. There's been no sign yet of local
>talent on the new "Cool 94.3."

Well, my first response to this is *FINALLY* CC has
done away with that god awful version of Jammin'
Oldies that was running on WBPM for way too long.  My
next response however, is - why straight up oldies? 
There's already a station down here doing oldies
that's live and local during almost all dayparts
(including overnights), and I really don't think
there's enough of an audience in this market to
support 2 oldies stations.  What I think would've made
more sense is to take WBPM adult standards, as that
particular format has shown to be rather successful in
other markets on FM, and right now the only standards
stations down here are all on AM.  
                             Matt Osborne
                             Hyde Park, NY

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