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Re: 1470 WLAM to become 3rd spoke in WMTW NewsTalk Wheel

I thought that 107.9 was part of Scott Hogg's "The Bridge" that simulcast
with 97.7 before Clear Channel bought it? O I might be thinking of
something completely different though, but I had thought this was 107.9.

Personally I found it interesting to listen to Phil hendrie on these two
stations while driving home at 8:00 at night, rather then Bruce Williams
on WVOM. Bruce is a very smart man, but Hendrie can be mroe entertaining,
and I think that night I heard the best Hendrie show I have ever
heard.....as I metnioned a few days ago.


On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> I didn't realize that 96.7 was runnign the same thing
> as 107.9.. I know that 107.9 was top 40, but what was
> 86.7 before the change over?
> > I am also surprised that Clear Channel does not
> > simulcast the local morning
> > show from their Bangor talk station WVOM on their
> > 107.9 // 96.7 combo in
> > central Maine.
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