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Re: WKBR-FM 95.7, and the STL

On 23 Nov 2001 at 6:34, Peter Q. George wrote:

>      WKBR-FM (now WZID) used a microwave STL link to
> the mountain. I recall seeing the microwave dish at
> the studios of 'KBR with the call-sign WKBR-FM (95.7)
> in the middle of it, while riding through the Queen
> City in 1967 (right off the highway).  

I remember seeing it much earlier.  When I was in high school, we went up to Lake 
Winepesaukee a couple of times, and I remember being thrilled the first time I saw that dish, with 
the WKBR-FM calls.  I don't think it contained the frequency, just the call letters.

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