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Re: Holiday Playlists...

Seasons Greetings all,

We've got that one and another called "A Terrorist's Christmas" in our 
library!  YIKES!  I don't think those t3wo cuts will be getting much play 
this year!!  See the whole list at:


At 07:57 PM 11/22/2001, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:
>Haven't noticed that yet but it's good to see some
>variety in there. By the way, since the World Trade
>Center site is referred to as "Ground Zero"
>I wonder if Weird Al Yankovic's "Christmas at
>Ground Zero" cut will be shelved so it won't seem
>like bad taste ("No time for last minute shopping/
>It's time to meet your final destiny/ It's Christmas
>at Ground Zero/ There's panic in the crowd/ I'll
>duck and cover with my Yuletide lover/ Underneath
>the mushroom cloud").

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