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RE: 640 AM Frequency

Adam: 1510's now WWZN. BTW, does anyone know where one can see a list of the
other stations on the Celtics broadcast network? (Also WBZ and the Bruins,
though 'BZ probably doesn't have as many network affils?)

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> SO what should I put down in my database? lol?? And last night, I
> was trying
> to listen to the Celtics game on WNRB? "1510 The zone" and I
> heard something
> else behind it.. they were mixing so I didn't get an ID. Its funny, I can
> get most of the Boston FM stations, but can't get all of the AM
> stations, I
> looked at the radio-locator and I'm not even supposed to get WNRB
> at night.
> Well I did, I eventually turned on the TV and watched the rest of
> the game..
> ~Adam