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Re: 1470 WLAM to become 3rd spoke in WMTW NewsTalk Wheel

You got all the Adult Standards stations in ME, but WRKD 1450 Rockland
dropped the format a couple of months ago to become news/talk.
You're right about WBYA 105.5 Islesboro; they are more of a
jazz/swing/standards combo. You won't hear early 70's pop hits like on
ABC's Stardust service, but more of a diverse vocal jazz format (Ella
Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Mel Torme, etc.)  I find it a very pleasant
station to listen to, especially on the road. 

I have always wondered why WQDY 1230 Calais never went to AS, instead of
mostly simulcasting their FM. The population waaaaay down-east is even
more elderly than in Central  or Mid-Coast Maine area,  And with the
Canadian audience across the border, I would think  it would be a good
move.  Also I don't believe there are any Adult Standards stations
anywhere in NB, NS or PEI, although VOWR-800 St John's, Newfoundland is
listed as an Adult Standards format  in the new M-Street Journal. 

Speaking of WABK-1280 Gardiner, I noticed while driving back from NH
last week that their third tower is back up. Didn't it mysteriously
topple over about a year ago?

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine