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RE: Application for Modification of 93.3 in Andover, MA

Acutally, the idea of a TX at 93.3 is good, the placement is what's wrong!
WBOS is nulled by WXRV (92.5) in the immeadiate Haverhill area (I notice
when driving on Rtes 97-113). If GM could put a 5 watt TX in HAVERHILL, that
would make the most sense.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> First: Why do they need a translator in Andover, which is like 35
> miles from
> the transmitter? Additionally, there is no 93.3 FM in Rhode Island, it is
> 93.3 WSNE Taunton. AAA stations in the Springfield market are not drawing
> well either.
> ~Adam
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> As some of you know, Greater Media has had an application to place a
> rebroadcaster
> of WBOS-FM 92.9 on 93.3 in Andover, MA.  It would be on the tower used by
> WKLB-FM 99.5 atop Wood Hill (a guy-wire supported tower now, the old
> self-supporting
> one was torn down).  This was made possible when WCGY-FM 93.7 became an
> Entercom
> station and moved the transmitter location to Peabody and a change of call
> letters to WQSX.  I haven't been up Wood Hill Road lately to see id any
> new FM antenna is on the stick, but among this week's applications was a
> modification of W227AM, the actual call-letters of this station.  Um,
> why bother?  Even at 600-plus feet AAT, 3 or 4 or 5 watts won't help much
> espacially considereing that WBOS is not a great draw where it comes in
> well.
> And even in the urban core of Methuen, the most important City nearby,
> stations on 93.3 in RI and NH can be heard fairly well depending on where
> one points his or her antenna.
> Laurence Glavin
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