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RE: Application for Modification of 93.3 in Andover, MA

First: Why do they need a translator in Andover, which is like 35 miles from
the transmitter? Additionally, there is no 93.3 FM in Rhode Island, it is
93.3 WSNE Taunton. AAA stations in the Springfield market are not drawing
well either.


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As some of you know, Greater Media has had an application to place a
of WBOS-FM 92.9 on 93.3 in Andover, MA.  It would be on the tower used by
WKLB-FM 99.5 atop Wood Hill (a guy-wire supported tower now, the old
one was torn down).  This was made possible when WCGY-FM 93.7 became an
station and moved the transmitter location to Peabody and a change of call
letters to WQSX.  I haven't been up Wood Hill Road lately to see id any
new FM antenna is on the stick, but among this week's applications was a
modification of W227AM, the actual call-letters of this station.  Um,
why bother?  Even at 600-plus feet AAT, 3 or 4 or 5 watts won't help much
espacially considereing that WBOS is not a great draw where it comes in
And even in the urban core of Methuen, the most important City nearby,
stations on 93.3 in RI and NH can be heard fairly well depending on where
one points his or her antenna.

Laurence Glavin
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