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RE: Evidently, WMass don't matter


You know Jeff Barna? Small freakin' world.
My wife and his wife are good friends and until recently I was over to Jeff
and Sue Barna's house in So Hadley many times. My wife (Sandy Shapiro) is
WSC '81!

Due to a personal situation, I don't get to see Jeff anymore, when you see
him at WCCH, tell him Paul Hopfgarten says hello!

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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>  I myself am no stranger to Western Mass..  I
> lived in Great Barrington and Westfield for many
> years. I was a jock at Westfield State College's
> WSKB-FM (89.5) from 1978-1980.  I have many friends
> who work at some of the Springfield area's TV and
> radio stations.  In fact, I plan to be an "in-studio"
> guest on Jeff Barna's Saturday Night Oldies Show on (a
> station YOU should be VERY familiar with)
> WCCH-FM/103.5 in Holyoke, when the transmitter
> situation is fixed over the next few weeks.
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