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The "Overpowered" Station on 94.3 in NH On again

The seemingly "overpowered" rebroadcaster on 94.3 in Greenville, NH was
on the air today (11/18).  I picked it up on my car radio while driving
in Salem, NH.  It came in fairly well when the terrain to the west was clear;
WJMN overpowered it if the terrain to the SSW was clear.
BTW...there was a reference to this outlet on LTAR today...the Jibguy stated 
that the station's antenna was on Mount Monadnock.  Actually, I believe it's
on the lesser mountain known as "Pack Monadnock South".   "Grand Monadnock" is quite a distance from the "Pack Monadnocks" and has no antenna
on top because there's no road to the summit. South Pack has an auto road 
that I've used to view the 92.1 tower (I've physically climed North
Pack Monadnock for its view, as well as Grand Monadnock, the big one MT. Washington
for the TV and FM antennas there.)  

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA