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Re: The "Monitor Beacon"

I've never heard of "Monitor" before now.  Was this a local New York
broadcast, or was it a network deal?  It's very interesting to see what all
those game-show-hosts did when they weren't playing games for 30 minutes per

I can vaguely recall a gameshow that John Bartholomew Tucker hosted in the
60's, but I can't quite get the name...  His voice is unmistakable and
ubiquitous in commercials.

Thanks for sharing the link to the site.  This is very cool!


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From: "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com>
Subject: The "Monitor Beacon"

> I've just come across a great Website devoted to NBC radio's long-running
magazine program
> "Monitor," which some of us may remember fondly.  It includes some
interesting airchecks,
> pictures, history, etc.
> http://www.monitorbeacon.com/index.html